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How’s it? As the heading says, I’ve updated the links page, added in a few for Brisbane, few more for Melbourne and Sydney. If your up for some eco procrastination, jump right in!


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DSCF9823How we rocking? Well this interviewing, talking, thinking about sustainability, design, life, it’s gets tiring at times. A good way to get it all up and rocking along again I’ve found is to do a bit of cooking, or have a bit of fish… and just in time for the weekend too.

I’ve uploaded the first(of maybe more) Up Your Jumper! DIY episode. How to make a fishing float!  Check it out. Some pretty deep insights in that nutshell.

Also if your hungry, check out Recipes from the Road. I’ve put up a couple more recipes to give you some ideas in the kitchen. Bok Choy Chicken, and a recipe for how to cook up a few Black Bream, direct from the Swan River, Perth.

All adds to the Up Your Jumper! mix.

– Tim

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Just got a link to a promo video that’s just been put out for Powershift. Check it out below. Pretty slick.

Also if you’re keen to head along to Powershift, but haven’t got around to registering yet, get onto it before midnight Saturday. Earlybird registration ends then, and if you get in early it’ll save you $25, which is always handy. Bargain really…

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For more info on Powershift, suss out click here

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