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dscf9427#3 is where we’re at! In this episode you’ll hear a bit about what’s happening in Perth. #3 is so packed full of stuff, it comes in two parts!

In part 1, you’ll hear from Daniel, who runs EV Shop. EV Shop is a business converting regular cars into electric vehicles.

In part 2, you’ll hear from Alex, sustainability officer at Fremantle Council. He spoke about some of the intiatives that the council have going. As well he spoke about two ventures he’s been involved with, that while not succeeding, are interesting to hear about all the same.


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powershift-logo-0021-300x300Just checked out a lead  I got put onto by a small red headed friend of mine, and found something pretty exciting that’s coming up. Here’s the spiel from the website.

Power Shift is Australia’s first national youth climate summit. It’s the moment where our fast-growing youth movement for a safe climate future comes together.

Power Shift 2009 will leverage the momentum AYCC member groups – all of Australia’s biggest youth organisations – have built through their various programs and campaigns. We’re taking our movement beyond our schools, campuses and youth organisations to Sydney to demand – and create – a power shift to renewable energy, green jobs and safe climate future.


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I’m currently in Wollongong, and managed to turn up right at the beginning of Sustainability Week, being put on by a few groups from around the area.  I went along to talk by Dr Barney Foran, titled “A low carbon economy based on renewable energy: the only way to go!”. He was a physical economics modeler (first I’d heard of it) amongst other things, and had used this to model what Australia could like by 2050 if we went down the line of transferring our society to being powered by a majority renewable power supply. 80% supply mix of wind, solar and biomass. According to his modeling, a transition of this scale wouldn’t be the end of living, as we know it. Quite the opposite, it would allow us to maintain a high standard of living and strong economy. I’ll post the recording of the talk once its up online.


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-From ABC News Online

Stay slim to save the planet, scientists say


Overweight people eat more than thin people and are more likely to travel by car, making excess body weight doubly bad for the environment, a new UK study has found.

“When it comes to food consumption, moving about in a heavy body is like driving around in a gas guzzler,” researchers Phil Edwards and Ian Roberts wrote in their study published in the International Journal of Epidemiology.

They also say food production is a major source of greenhouse gases.

“We need to be doing a lot more to reverse the global trend towards fatness, and recognise it as a key factor in the battle to reduce [carbon] emissions and slow climate change,” the British scientists, from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, said in the study .

They estimated that each fat person is responsible for about one tonne of carbon dioxide emissions a year more on average than each thin person, adding up to an extra one billion tonnes of CO2 a year in a population of one billion overweight people.

The European Union estimates each EU citizen accounts for 11 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions a year.

– Reuters

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mural4Well I’ve doubled the number of podcasts! There’s now two.

In this episode, you’ll hear from Chantal and Kyrstal, about the up coming premiere of the Adelaide Clothing Exchange. You may have heard about the original Clothing Exchange that has been happening in Melbourne since 2004, well now its sprouting in Adelaide.

Also while in Adelaide, I visited Chrisie Walk. Christie Walk is a sustainable housing development, just south of Adelaide’s CBD. As well as being built and designed around sustainable design principles, Christie Walk has a focus of developing a sense of community. I had a chat with Joan, a long time resident, who showed me about.

– Tim

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Well the internet and I have come to an understanding, and so the first ever podcast of Up Your Jumper! is now online and happening!

In the first episode, I’m in Adelaide. There I had a chat with Christian Haag, CEO of Bikes SA. He spoke to me about the Adelaide City Bikes program, which is a free bike hire service. Also in Adelaide I’ll take you on a ride on the world’s first ever solar powered bus, Tindo.

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dscf9634Perth, I’ve been here a week, and it’s been a time of clarification. I’ve realised with the trip, how broad the topic is, I’ve set out upon to look at. While here I’ve met with a number of people, and each time being asked what I’m actually looking into. My answer is becoming less garbled each time around, though it’s still not quite clear to me. I made the topics of investigation broad on purpose. As I was discussing with Helen today, I don’t want to answer any particular question, this is more a trip for collecting snapshots, stories and experiences, relating to what is happening around Australia. (more…)

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