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DSCF0003There’s a new page to explore now, that could possibly take you on a never ending journey. I’ve put together a bunch of sites I’ve come across while sifting through for projects. Mix of projects, ideas, concepts from where I’ve been and beyond…

Suss it out here.


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dscf9069_2Well when your out and about, travelling the country, you get hungry. It does happen, and food’s generally a good idea to sort that one out. So now there’s a new section of Up Your Jumper! where you can check out some recipes I’ve made along the way, that you might like to give a whirl.

First off the rank is the Lamb Tart Pizza, emerging from the hills of Adelaide, and road tested in Perth, this one’s got some potential.

Suss it all out here.


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mural4Well I’ve doubled the number of podcasts! There’s now two.

In this episode, you’ll hear from Chantal and Kyrstal, about the up coming premiere of the Adelaide Clothing Exchange. You may have heard about the original Clothing Exchange that has been happening in Melbourne since 2004, well now its sprouting in Adelaide.

Also while in Adelaide, I visited Chrisie Walk. Christie Walk is a sustainable housing development, just south of Adelaide’s CBD. As well as being built and designed around sustainable design principles, Christie Walk has a focus of developing a sense of community. I had a chat with Joan, a long time resident, who showed me about.

– Tim

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Well the internet and I have come to an understanding, and so the first ever podcast of Up Your Jumper! is now online and happening!

In the first episode, I’m in Adelaide. There I had a chat with Christian Haag, CEO of Bikes SA. He spoke to me about the Adelaide City Bikes program, which is a free bike hire service. Also in Adelaide I’ll take you on a ride on the world’s first ever solar powered bus, Tindo.

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5Well it’s all happening, here is the write up of the desert trip. There’s a link to photos from the trip at the end of each part as well, so full sensory experience (well, on its way to being anyhow)

The Desert: Pt 1, read it all here…

The Desert: Pt 2, read it all here…

The Desert: Part 3, read it all here…

– Tim35

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G’day and welcome to ‘Up Your Jumper’! Why the name? Well this blog, journey, experience is going to be a bit of everything, so hence the saying.

Now you may have stumbled upon this from a whole range of reasons. I may have approached you for a chat about an interesting project your working on. Maybe I’ve been chatting with you somewhere about the plans for the semester and rambled on about this trip. Maybe you’ve stumbled in off the wide and tangled road of the internet.

However you’ve ended up here, welcome.

The gist of all of this can be found here. But in a nutshell I am embarking on a study tour of Australia this semester. I will be investigating projects to do with Sustainable Design and Living, Renewable Energy and Water. I have no set route around Australia, but my intial trajectory is westward, Adelaide and then onto Perth.

Bear with me through this birthing time. Still got to get the right feel for the blog, but it’ll come together over the next week.

On the horizon and soon to appear on ‘Up Your Jumper’

* A case study on the Thurgoona Campus of Charles Sturt University. Slots into the sustainable design/living chunk. Think mudbrick houses, grey water recycling and composting toilets. All at a studying, working, living university.

* Your Sister’s Wardrobe is expanding into Adelaide! Well its not quite that big, would be sizeable wardrobe from here to Adelaide, about 1000km long. No the clothing exchange, fashion recycling phenomenon that has been growing in Melbourne, has sprouted in Adelaide. I’m going  to look into how this has panned out so far.

* Also in Adelaide, Hydrogen buses.  Are they real? Apparently they’ve been around in Perth for a good 5 years. But I’ll be in Adelaide, so I’ll hopefully be looking into Adelaide’s alternative public transport. They’ve even got a solar powered bus as well.

So that’s what is on the horizon, hit that RSS and stay tuned…

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