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I haven’t been able to check out this new serving from the good ol’ ABC, but got directed to this little snippet…


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DSC02185G’day g’day, how’s it going? While on my trip I dropped by Newcastle. Great place and I found a bunch of great projects and happenings going on around town (they’re still in the pipeline, keep an eye out).

However overhanging all of this was the fact that Newcastle has the world’s biggest coal loader, and is in the process of tripling it’s capacity.  It’s a big industry for the area. I was able to arrange a tour of it, and it’s a massive set up. It doesn’t seem the smartest idea, but it’s real and it’s happening. I just came across this interview from ABC National’s By Design. It goes through the engineering side of things, interesting summary of what’s planned…

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Here’s an article I came across on ABC News Online,

The Maldives will shift entirely to renewable energy over the next decade to become the first carbon-neutral nation and fight climate change that threatens the low-lying archipelago’s existence, the president has said.

President Mohamed Nasheed said the Indian Ocean islands would swap fossil fuels for wind and solar power, and buy and destroy EU carbon credits to offset emissions from tourists flying to visit its luxury vacation resorts.

“Climate change threatens us all. Countries need to pull together to de-carbonise the world economy,” Mr Nasheed said.

“We know cutting greenhouse gas emissions is possible and the Maldives is willing to play its part.”

The $US1.1 billion ($1.7 billion) plan would require 155 wind turbines supplying 1.5 megawatts each and a half a square kilometre of solar panels to meet the needs of the islands’ 385,000 people.

“We aim to become carbon-neutral in a decade,” he said.

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I know you can’t compare it directly, but $1.7 billion to create a new power supply to offset the population equivalent of Canberra, doesn’t seem so much, or out of reach.

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