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Just got a link to a promo video that’s just been put out for Powershift. Check it out below. Pretty slick.

Also if you’re keen to head along to Powershift, but haven’t got around to registering yet, get onto it before midnight Saturday. Earlybird registration ends then, and if you get in early it’ll save you $25, which is always handy. Bargain really…

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powershift-logo-0021-300x300Just checked out a lead  I got put onto by a small red headed friend of mine, and found something pretty exciting that’s coming up. Here’s the spiel from the website.

Power Shift is Australia’s first national youth climate summit. It’s the moment where our fast-growing youth movement for a safe climate future comes together.

Power Shift 2009 will leverage the momentum AYCC member groups – all of Australia’s biggest youth organisations – have built through their various programs and campaigns. We’re taking our movement beyond our schools, campuses and youth organisations to Sydney to demand – and create – a power shift to renewable energy, green jobs and safe climate future.


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