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G’day how’s it? For #9 we’re in Warrawong, at Futureworld. I spoke with Meryl about the centre. Meryl spoke of the renewable technologies it showcases, including local innovations and the educational value of the centre. Have a listen.


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There is a petition on the go as well. Suss it out here

For more info on the company Solar Systems check out their website. It’s got a run down of past projects, which are cool to see what’s actually already possible.

For more info on the circumstances leading to Solar Systems going into voluntary administration, check out this article from SMH.

Always good to know a bit of the background I rekon….


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ttt_headerPowershift have a petition going at the moment calling for a,

rapid transition to renewable energy, stronger carbon pollution reduction targets, and green jobs for our generation.

If you rekon that this the way to go, get on board and put your name down right here.

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powershift-logo-0021-300x300Just checked out a lead  I got put onto by a small red headed friend of mine, and found something pretty exciting that’s coming up. Here’s the spiel from the website.

Power Shift is Australia’s first national youth climate summit. It’s the moment where our fast-growing youth movement for a safe climate future comes together.

Power Shift 2009 will leverage the momentum AYCC member groups – all of Australia’s biggest youth organisations – have built through their various programs and campaigns. We’re taking our movement beyond our schools, campuses and youth organisations to Sydney to demand – and create – a power shift to renewable energy, green jobs and safe climate future.


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