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DSCF9823How we rocking? Well this interviewing, talking, thinking about sustainability, design, life, it’s gets tiring at times. A good way to get it all up and rocking along again I’ve found is to do a bit of cooking, or have a bit of fish… and just in time for the weekend too.

I’ve uploaded the first(of maybe more) Up Your Jumper! DIY episode. How to make a fishing float!  Check it out. Some pretty deep insights in that nutshell.

Also if your hungry, check out Recipes from the Road. I’ve put up a couple more recipes to give you some ideas in the kitchen. Bok Choy Chicken, and a recipe for how to cook up a few Black Bream, direct from the Swan River, Perth.

All adds to the Up Your Jumper! mix.

– Tim


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dscf9069_2Well when your out and about, travelling the country, you get hungry. It does happen, and food’s generally a good idea to sort that one out. So now there’s a new section of Up Your Jumper! where you can check out some recipes I’ve made along the way, that you might like to give a whirl.

First off the rank is the Lamb Tart Pizza, emerging from the hills of Adelaide, and road tested in Perth, this one’s got some potential.

Suss it all out here.


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