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G’day how’s it? For #9 we’re in Warrawong, at Futureworld. I spoke with Meryl about the centre. Meryl spoke of the renewable technologies it showcases, including local innovations and the educational value of the centre. Have a listen.


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There is a petition on the go as well. Suss it out here

For more info on the company Solar Systems check out their website. It’s got a run down of past projects, which are cool to see what’s actually already possible.

For more info on the circumstances leading to Solar Systems going into voluntary administration, check out this article from SMH.

Always good to know a bit of the background I rekon….


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If you think propping up coal power isn’t the smartest idea, suss out this one below.


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h_bannerLogoHow’s it rocking? Well hopefully… It is now time to unveil #4 of the Up Your Jumper! Podcast series.

In #4, I spoke to Gina from CleanLife, “an Eco-Ganic Consultancy aimed at helping individuals lighten their environmental footprint and chemical load.”
Based in Perth, but with subscribers nationwide, and even a few from overseas, CleanLife offers advice and direction on how to live a more eco friendly lifestyle, and has a directory of eco-product alternatives from food and drink, to clothes to cleaning to skin care products.

I spoke to Gina about how CleanLife came about, the thinking behind it, and the wider scope of ‘green’ consumption.


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DSCF0003There’s a new page to explore now, that could possibly take you on a never ending journey. I’ve put together a bunch of sites I’ve come across while sifting through for projects. Mix of projects, ideas, concepts from where I’ve been and beyond…

Suss it out here.

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I’m currently in Wollongong, and managed to turn up right at the beginning of Sustainability Week, being put on by a few groups from around the area.  I went along to talk by Dr Barney Foran, titled “A low carbon economy based on renewable energy: the only way to go!”. He was a physical economics modeler (first I’d heard of it) amongst other things, and had used this to model what Australia could like by 2050 if we went down the line of transferring our society to being powered by a majority renewable power supply. 80% supply mix of wind, solar and biomass. According to his modeling, a transition of this scale wouldn’t be the end of living, as we know it. Quite the opposite, it would allow us to maintain a high standard of living and strong economy. I’ll post the recording of the talk once its up online.


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mural4Well I’ve doubled the number of podcasts! There’s now two.

In this episode, you’ll hear from Chantal and Kyrstal, about the up coming premiere of the Adelaide Clothing Exchange. You may have heard about the original Clothing Exchange that has been happening in Melbourne since 2004, well now its sprouting in Adelaide.

Also while in Adelaide, I visited Chrisie Walk. Christie Walk is a sustainable housing development, just south of Adelaide’s CBD. As well as being built and designed around sustainable design principles, Christie Walk has a focus of developing a sense of community. I had a chat with Joan, a long time resident, who showed me about.

– Tim

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