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DSCF9949G’day g’day, #7 is where Up Your Jumper is at, and where you are at this very moment.

About to jump right in. In this episode, your up for an interview with Roseanne, Director of City Farm. City Farm, is just that, a centre for environmental education for young people and the community at large. Rejuvenated from a former scrap metal yard into a community hub, City Farm, has evolved from it’s environmental roots to weave in community arts, music and all sorts of tangents of Perth society, within the site. City Farm is also the site for Perth’s first organic/biodynamic market.

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DSCF9608Hello hello, good to have you back around the traps again. Half way to double figures, #5 is where we’re sitting. In #5 I visited the Apace Natives Nursery. Apace is is a self-supporting, community-based organization promoting appropriate technology and environmentally sustainable development”, on the banks of the Swan River in North Fremantle, Perth.

I spoke to Aryan, who gave me a bit of background on what sort of projects the centre has been involved in, in the past, and the directions it is now taking.

Get into it and hear how smoking helps germination, in plants anyhow.

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h_bannerLogoHow’s it rocking? Well hopefully… It is now time to unveil #4 of the Up Your Jumper! Podcast series.

In #4, I spoke to Gina from CleanLife, “an Eco-Ganic Consultancy aimed at helping individuals lighten their environmental footprint and chemical load.”
Based in Perth, but with subscribers nationwide, and even a few from overseas, CleanLife offers advice and direction on how to live a more eco friendly lifestyle, and has a directory of eco-product alternatives from food and drink, to clothes to cleaning to skin care products.

I spoke to Gina about how CleanLife came about, the thinking behind it, and the wider scope of ‘green’ consumption.


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DSCF0003There’s a new page to explore now, that could possibly take you on a never ending journey. I’ve put together a bunch of sites I’ve come across while sifting through for projects. Mix of projects, ideas, concepts from where I’ve been and beyond…

Suss it out here.

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dscf9069_2Well when your out and about, travelling the country, you get hungry. It does happen, and food’s generally a good idea to sort that one out. So now there’s a new section of Up Your Jumper! where you can check out some recipes I’ve made along the way, that you might like to give a whirl.

First off the rank is the Lamb Tart Pizza, emerging from the hills of Adelaide, and road tested in Perth, this one’s got some potential.

Suss it all out here.


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dscf9427#3 is where we’re at! In this episode you’ll hear a bit about what’s happening in Perth. #3 is so packed full of stuff, it comes in two parts!

In part 1, you’ll hear from Daniel, who runs EV Shop. EV Shop is a business converting regular cars into electric vehicles.

In part 2, you’ll hear from Alex, sustainability officer at Fremantle Council. He spoke about some of the intiatives that the council have going. As well he spoke about two ventures he’s been involved with, that while not succeeding, are interesting to hear about all the same.

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dscf9634Perth, I’ve been here a week, and it’s been a time of clarification. I’ve realised with the trip, how broad the topic is, I’ve set out upon to look at. While here I’ve met with a number of people, and each time being asked what I’m actually looking into. My answer is becoming less garbled each time around, though it’s still not quite clear to me. I made the topics of investigation broad on purpose. As I was discussing with Helen today, I don’t want to answer any particular question, this is more a trip for collecting snapshots, stories and experiences, relating to what is happening around Australia. (more…)

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